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Are you looking for a monitor that you can use outdoors? Then you've come to the right place at Nottrot. To be able to use a monitor outdoors, high brightness and a wide viewing angle are an absolute must; the image must remain visible even with direct sunlight. Of course, these monitors must be resistant to rain and dust. In addition, sufficient attention will have to be paid to temperature fluctuations that this monitor may experience.

A monitor that is suitable for outdoor use should be robust and equipped with tempered glass so that it can withstand a knock. That is why Nottrot has some techniques that ensure that the outdoor use of the monitors does not cause any problems. For best results, we recommend combining the techniques below.

Fast & long-term

A suitable solution for every situation

Our N-Line monitors are integrated into a wide variety of applications worldwide. We understand the importance of fast delivery and long-term availability. We therefore ensure that all our monitors are in stock and remain available in the long term. Our monitors are constantly being developed and improved, but this is never at the expense of compatibility and dimensions.

This way we guarantee that our monitors can always be deployed at the right time and in the right place.

High Bright

A monitor with a high brightness ensures that the screen is always clearly visible, regardless of environmental factors such as bright sunlight. Monitors with High Bright can be found outside in special housings, but also, for example, in shop windows and kiosk solutions.

You can opt for the High Bright option to ensure that the monitor is also legible outdoors. With this technique, the original lamps or standard LED strip are replaced by more and more powerful High Bright LED strips. This increases the brightness to 1500 cd/m2. The High Bright option is available on all Nottrot N-Line monitors.

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Optical Bonding

Normally there is a thin layer of air between the LCD surface and the protective glass or touch screen of a monitor. Simply put, Optical Bonding removes this air layer, so that the two components are firmly connected to each other.

As a result, apart from the advantages of not having to deal with dust and moisture, as well as vandal resistance, the lack of extra light refraction is the most important property. Faster heat dissipation is also an important advantage. For the image, the contrast and brightness are increased.

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(Light Sensor Auto) Dimming

All N-Line monitors are fully dimmable, this can be done in different ways. The most common way for outdoor monitors is the Light Sensor Auto Dimming. This sensor ensures that the monitor is dimmed completely automatically. This makes the monitor perfectly readable both during the day with bright sunlight and at night in the dark. A delay has been deliberately built into the sensor to eliminate temporary influences such as clouds. In addition, the Light Sensor Auto Dimming has the important property that it extends the lifespan.

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