We have the technique, the knowledge and the experience

To ensure consistency with the wishes and demands of our time, a lot of attention is given to innovation and engineering by use of our in-house technologies. In addition to the design and assembly of monitors, we can dispose of all the knowledge and operations to run the process from start to end product.

Optical Bonding

One of our In-House Technologies is optical bonding. During optical bonding a crystal clear gel coating is applied between the LCD surface and the glass. As a result, the lack of extra light refraction becomes the main feature, in addition to the advantages of absence of dust and moist, as also resistance to vandalism. Another major advantage is the faster heat drainage. In terms of the image, the contrast and brightness are being improved. A clear image is created when a combination is made with one of the other techniques.

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Dimmable Monitors

Nottrot monitors make use of Ultra Deep Dimming. Ultra Deep Dimming ensures that the brightness of the monitor can be controlled smoothly in 256 steps with an adjustable logarithmic curve. This makes the monitor perfectly readable both during the day with bright sunlight and at night in the dark. With brightness levels going even lower than 0.01Cd, our monitors can be dimmed to the exact level your eyes feel comfortable with. Different types of dimming are available.

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High Bright

The deployment of High Bright LED ensures that monitors can be read, also in case of extremely bright (sun)light. Where a standard monitor provides about 400 nits of light output, the upgrade to high bright LED could achieve 1,500 nits or more. This option is often applied in combination with optical bonding.

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Laminating and calibration of touch sensors

Nottrot has the equipment and the knowledge to laminate a projected capacitive touch screen behind glass. In addition, firmware is written for each touch screen to guarantee the functioning of the touch screen.
Especially for custom monitors behind glass this is done in-house, to make sure everything is under control and to guarantee proper functioning.

Adjusting a PCAP touch screen can be done with our NCom app & a PLC (R485).

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Engineering & Design

Engineering is one of our core activities. We like to be at the forefront regarding innovations, technique and production methods. Therefore we have sufficient knowledge at our disposal to realize projects in-company from start to finish.

  • Mechanical Engineering/3D-design
  • Certification IEC60945, Type approval
  • Prototyping & 3D-Printing
    Optical Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering

Custom monitors

Nottrot manufactures customized monitors to the client’s wishes, for a variety of clients and applications.
In addition to the glass bridges and SGMS (single glass multi-screen), Nottrot also manufactures monitors entirely to the client’s wishes. In consultation with the client, our design team develops an entirely new monitor or a part thereof. Nottrot has developed custom monitors for museums like Madurodam, the meat industry, ANWB, Schiphol airport, the catering industry and similar.
We can apply every conceivable material and are therefore always able to devise and develop a monitor solution.


At Nottrot, a team of specialists is available every day to help you with this. With our many years of experience, we expertly look at which display solution is best suited for your application. As a result, you are assured of the optimal implementation of the project for you. We are happy to share our expertise.

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