Two brothers.
One mission.

We are Nottrot

We take pride in being a family-owned company founded by brothers Coen & Ronald Nottrot in 1999. With a clear mission to provide you with the best monitors produced to the highest of standards and built to operate under the most extreme conditions often encountered in the Maritime sector, Industry sector and Air Traffic Control. Born from the world of technology, Nottrot traces its roots to a small attic room located in the Dutch city of Utrecht, where the spark of our passion was ignited. This passion for technology is the heartbeat of our company and is the very foundation upon which Nottrot B.V. was built and still operates.

We design, engineer, develop, assemble, and ship all from our own facilities, located in the Dutch town of Oosterhout. If that wasn't enough we also love to innovate, check out our N-Control! By keeping the complete production process in-house, we maintain overall control to ensure high quality consistently.

Complete In House Production

A Clear Vision.

We specialize in high-quality monitors, including options like:

With an international returning client base, we are confident in finding a professional solution that suits your needs. Our products are high-end, long-lasting, and quickly available.

We take pride in offering Dutch quality, made in Holland.


More about

We would like to tell you more about the techniques and technologies we make use of. 

In-house technologies

We give considerable attention to innovation and engineering to stay ahead regarding the developments in the field of monitors.

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Ask our team of specialist Interested in a customer-specific solution?

At Nottrot, a team of specialists is available every day to help you with this. With our many years of experience, we expertly look at which display solution is best suited for your application. As a result, you are assured of the optimal implementation of the project for you. We are happy to share our expertise.

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