Monitors for
Air Traffic Control

In a control tower there are high demands on staff and material. This also applies to monitors. In the control tower monitors, all techniques that can be offered by Nottrot are combined. Applying these techniques provides the traffic controller with a sharp and stable image. Central and local dimming, special glass, high bright LEDs and optical bonding are just a few examples of the technologies used.

Deployable at the highest level

In collaboration with Traffic Control Netherlands, Nottrot has developed various monitors that meet all the wishes and requirements of the air traffic management.


Nottrot is the proud national supplier of Airtraffic Control Netherlands. The towers for both civil aviation and the military are equipped with N-Line monitors in different sizes and with different features.


Upon request we at Nottrot have equipped the Wacom monitors of the air traffic tower at Schiphol with High Bright LED's and Optical Bonding. The air traffic controllers can do their job as usual, the only difference being that they can now make use of the high quality Nottrot supplies.

No More Tired Eyes Syndrom

The "Tired Eye Syndrom" is an important point of attention within aviation. To counter fatigueness it's important that the air traffic controller can adjust the brightness of the monitor to the exact level the eyes feel comfortable with. With Nottrot's multi-fucntional encoder knob, each and every monitor can be adjusted to suit the circumstances within the traffic tower.


Even militairy training facilities of the Dutch Airforce are equipped with high quality monitors and displays from Nottrot. The ease of use of the N-Line Multi-Functional Encoder Knob for dimming and for high bright LED's make that our monitors work excellently under all conditions.

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