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Monitors for
Shipping & Offshore

Nottrot monitors are excellently suited for the professional marine industry and offshore environments. We supply our N-Line monitors to various disciplines. Our monitors are deployed, for example, on dredger vessels, fishing vessels, for river navigation, and on cranes.

Robust and reliable

Monitors for the Professional Shipping and Offshore industries consist of robust and reliable materials. Both the frame of the monitor and the interior components are made of metal. As a result, the monitors will continue to function adequately in environments with tremors and shocks.

KG, KGE and DE Monitors

Within our N-Line monitors, the KG and the KGE models are the full glass single monitors. Equipped with our N-COM A/D boards (with our optional external encoder), these monitors can be linked together so you can have access to remote-, central- and multi-dimming. All the above-mentioned options apply to both the KG and the KGE monitors as well. The IP rating of the monitors make them suitable for use inside a ship but also on deck under diverse weather conditions. Upon request, both the KG and the KGE monitors can be delivered with DNV Type Approval.


VESA Mount (DE) monitors are very suitable for use in a maritime environment. The monitors are robust and constructed such that they can resist external tremors and influences. It is possible to mount the monitor to the desk using the optional N-Stand or V-stand. Of course, the monitor can also be attached to a clamp. The dim button is at the front. The LCD surface is protected by anti-reflection glass that is sealed IP65 by the use of a rubber ring. The VESA Mount monitors can be equipped with an optional touchscreen (resistive and PCAP). Furthermore, the following options apply: remote dimming, high bright, optical bonding, 9-36 Volt electrically isolated power supply.


Portrait Monitors

Especially for inland shipping, we've expanded our N-Line with portrait monitors so you can have a stretched view of what's in front of you. Besides inland shipping, portrait monitors are also perfectly applicable in other maritime environments as well as in air traffic control. Controlling the OSD can be done using our famous on-front multi-functional dimming encoder knob.

DNV Certification

When it comes to equipment for professional ships, offshore units, and other marine crafts – tankers and vessels – there's no room for compromise. Safety at sea is paramount, and that's non-negotiable. To meet these stringent standards, we've elevated our production process and protocols. We rigorously tested our marine monitors and proudly achieved DNV GL certification.

FLIR Systems and Nottrot

Collaboration between FLIR Systems and Nottrot has resulted in an extraordinary achievement; The creation of an HD-SDI input designed specifically for thermal imaging on our monitors. This development brings a multitude of advantages, including:

  • Transmission of data across 100 m without any loss.
  • A sturdy and reliable input connection.
  • The elimination of any latency issues.
  • Built-in fault correction capabilities.
  • The simplicity of a single cable.


One of our In-House Technologies is optical bonding. During optical bonding a crystal clear gel coating is applied between the LCD surface and the glass. As a result, the lack of extra light refraction becomes the main feature, in addition to the advantages of absence of dust and moist, as also resistance to vandalism. Another major advantage is the faster heat drainage. In terms of the image, the contrast and brightness are being improved. A clear image is created when a combination is made with one of the other techniques.


Operators require an optimal view, so creating great working conditions is essential for safety and success. Because of the amount of light entering a crane's cabin, different weather conditions have a big influence on the operator's view. Monitors that can easily and swiftly be adjusted in any weather condition contribute to a safe and comfortable environment to work in. Our watertight N-Line Knob for dimming and high-brightness LEDs give operators maximal control.

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