From Outdoor Pedestal to Logistics.

Monitors for
Industrial use

The industrial N-Line monitors cover different models: Panel mount, VESA mount (Desktop), Rack mount and Rear mount. Our professional monitor are developed for use in an environement where the demands are high when it comes to quality, robustness and longevity. Our industrial monitors can be applied across many disciplines, for example industrial automation, machine construction, automotive, newsstands, process control and machine-human-interface (HMI). Apart from the fact that the monitors are deployable indoors, they can also be used as outdoor monitors.

Quick Delivery &
Long Term Availability

Nottrot monitors have been deployed worldwide for more than 20 years. We understand the importance of quick delivery and long term availability. All our monitors are readily available and in stock and they will continue to do so. We continuously improve and further developed our monitors but never at the expense of compatibility and the measurements.


Nottrot has been offering the monitor solution for outdoor use for quite some time now. Many customers previously had problems with moisture, the readability and the touch of a monitor. They choose Nottrot, because our monitors offer the solution to these problems. For example, the monitors are wind and watertight and can be placed in kiosks that are used outdoors without any problems.


Full Glass Monitors for Outdoors

Giving customers 24 hour service is possibe with Nottrot monitors. Our Panel Mount Glass (KG & KGE) monitors are epecially developed for outdoor useage. Their robustness makes them stand any kind of weather. A great variety of connections like HDMI, VGA, DVI, Video and HD-SDI makes sure that any system can be connected to our monitors. For outdoor useage we always recommend Optical Bonding. The advantages of Optical Bonding include:

  • Protection against dust and moisture.
  • Vandalism proof.
  • Elimination of light refraction.
  • Faster heat drainage.
  • Improvement of contrast and brightness.

Touch Screens and Dimming

With our touch screen equipped N-Line monitors, outdoor processes can be maximally optimized. This will save time and money. N-Line monitors are fully dimmable. Dimming is possible in a variety of ways, the most common being Light Sensor Auto Dimming when it comes to monitors for outdoor useage. This sensor will dim the monitor automatically. This makes the monitor is perfectly readable during the day, in full sunlight, and at night when there is no sunlight at all. The  sensor also has a slght delay built in to ignore temporary influences like clouds cover the sun. Another advantage of the sensor is that it prolongs the lifespan of a monitor.

Logistics Sector

Nottrot monitor are developed and built for the extreme. Not only when it comes to weather conditions, but also when it comes to tremors and shocks. This makes our monitors an excellent choice to use within the logistics sector. Our monitors are being used in a variety of workstations. But also in trucks and other heavy duty vehicles.


The connection between man and machine are HMI displays. HMI displays are also called HMI panels. The abbreviation HMI stands for Human Machine Interface and is used to simplify the use of, for example, machines and robots.

A user-friendly HMI interface between man and machine is essential within industrial processes. Nottrot makes custom HMI screens, so that they always match the customer's needs and solution. HMI displays from Nottrot are all-in-one systems. These screens are expanded with a built-in PC or an Embedded Board and equipped with a touch screen.


At Nottrot, a team of specialists is available every day to help you with this. With our many years of experience, we professionally look at which solution is best suited for your application. As a result, you are assured of the optimal implementation of the project for you.

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