Monitors for
Industrial use

The industrial line (N-Line) of Nottrot monitors covers different models: Panel mount, VESA mount (Desktop), Rack mount and Rear mount. The industrial monitors can be applied across many disciplines, for example industrial automation, machine construction, automotive, newsstands, process control and machine-human-interface (HMI). Apart from the fact that the monitors are deployable indoors, they can also be used as outdoor monitors. Due to the application of in-house techniques, the monitors are resistant to extreme and diverse weather conditions.

Deploy ability worldwide

Nottrot monitors have been deployed worldwide for more than 20 years. The monitors are extremely reliable. This is because they are produced in-house, using high-end techniques. The monitors have a robust appearance and can be used under almost all circumstances. The monitors provide their services on all continents.

Outdoor - Nottrot offers the solution

For some time now, Nottrot has offered monitor solutions for outdoor use. Previously, many of our clients experienced problems with moist, the legibility and the touch of a monitor. The choose Nottrot, because our monitors provide the best solutions for these problems. Our monitors are, for example, windproof and waterproof and can placing them in newsstands that are positioned outdoors, will not cause any problems.

Optical Bonding, for example, makes it possible to apply the monitor under any circumstance, by filling the layer between the protective glass (or touchscreen) and the LCD-surface. As the air layer has been removed, no condensation will appear in the monitor.
The Touchscreen will always keep functioning. During extreme heat or cold, as well as during rain.
The Nottrot monitors are always perfectly legible, even in direct sunlight. This is due to the option High Brightness.
All options and techniques applied in Nottrot monitors were designed in-house.

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Outdoor - Nottrot offers the solution

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Human-Machine-Interface (HMI)

The HMI displays from the connection between man and machine. HMI displays are also known as HMI panels. The abbreviation HMI stands for Human Machine Interface and is applied, for example, to make to the use of machines and robots easier.
A user-friendly HMI interface between man and machine is imperative within industrial processes. Nottrot produces customized HMI screens, to ensure that they always match with the client’s needs and solutions. HMI displays manufactured by Nottrot are all-in one systems. These screens were expanded by means of an integrated PC or an Embedded Board and are equipped with a touchscreen.

Human-Machine-Interface (HMI)

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