From Speedboot to Super Yacht

High End Monitors

Nottrot monitors are ideal for yachting. Equipped with our famous dimming encoder knob, Nottrot monitors are perfectly suitable for use during nighttime. Nottrot's "Ultra-Deep High Resolution Dimming" makes sure you can dim our monitors to the exact level your eyes feel comfortable with. Our KG models have an IP rating of 67. Our KGE and DE models have an IP rating of 65. Noteworthy options for all our monitors include:

Total Control

All Nottrot monitors are remotely accessable and adjustable with our Nottrot App and the NControl - Remote Control for N-Line Monitors. These functionalities make it possible to dim multiple monitors remotely from one central location, to activate Redmode and to switch sources.

Full Glass Single Monitors

Within our N-Line monitors, the KG and the KGE models are the full glass single monitors. Equipped with our NCom A/D boards (with our optional external encoder), these monitors can be linked together so you can have access to remote-, central- and multi-dimming. All the above mentioned options apply to both the KG and the KGE monitors as well. The IP rating of the monitors make them suitable for use inside a ship but also on deck under diverse weather conditions. Upon request, both the KG and the KGE monitors can be delivered with DNV Type Approval.

Single Glass Multi Screen

A SGMS (Single Glass Multi Screen) is when multiple screens for one application are built behind a single glass panel. This makes it an attractive and solid unity. It is possible to interchange different formats, with or even without a touch screen. Integration of other components, like capacitive function buttons and imprint is also possible. We develope and produce custom SGMS', this makes it possible to make use of different shapes and forms so that there will be a seamless integration with your current set up. The sky is the limit.

Glass Bridge Systems

In order to fulfil the demand of 'the bridge as an entirety', Nottrot produces complete bridge systems. In this case, Nottrot designs the complete glass system with accompanying monitors. Glass Bridge panels are state or the art products where multiple sunlight readable touch screen displays and several other devices and features (capacitive switches and the like) are mounted into/behind a single glass panel.

VariCap Systems

The VariCAP system is a set of RGB-illuminated capacitive switches to control basic functions like ON/OFF. The system communicates with a PLC using MOD-bus. The PLC reads the status of the switch (stored in a register) and then performs the programmed action. The PLC sends the color of the illumination in return. The color can be set for the Text, Status-LED and switch indicidually. The switches can be configured in zones, which enables group dimming. This can be usefull when placing the switches on different angle surfaces or group them for certain functions.


The NControl is a remote control for N-Line monitors. It has a 4.3 inch TFT with PCAP touch screen. Besides central and remote dimming you can also adjust parameters like power on and off, source select and red mode. You can adjust each monitor individually, make a selection or adjust all monitors at once. The NControl also has the capability to make presets in mere seconds so you can easily switch to your preferred settings. The NControl supports up to 12 monitors.  

We have extensive experience in placing multiple monitors behind a single glass panel. Contact us for more information and advice!

At Nottrot, a team of specialists is available every day to help you with this. With our many years of experience, we expertly look at which display solution is best suited for your application. As a result, you are assured of the optimal implementation of the project for you. We are happy to share our expertise.

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